⚜️  The Star of Bethlehem Empowerment  ⚜️

During this online course I will be sharing the Star of Bethlehem attunement.

It will reconnect you to your inner sparkle, inner beauty, joy, and starlight within.

Learn how to work with this energy to raise your vibe and channel divine healing for yourself and others.

⚜️Star of Bethlehem Empowerment⚜️

2024 is an 8 year, an infinity year. It’s going to be an abundant and magical year.

Right now, in the winter months, the reduced daylight forces us to go within, and just before dawn the stars are at their brightest. 

So now is a perfect time to sow new seeds.

Within our hearts and in the higher planes alchemical changes are taking place. They will become apparent on the earth plane in early spring, and particularly after the equinox in March.

One of the most important ways we can help this process at this time is to let go of all that no longer serves us. By clearing our mind, body and spirit so that we are able to fully receive the light of Advent and the 12 days of Christmas.

We do this to create a fresh start with ease and grace for the new year. Allowing us to manifest our dreams and deeply embody our soul in 2024.

The attunement to The Star of Bethlehem, will guide you and help restore a sense of direction to your life. It will transmute and transform unwanted thoughts, false truths and outdated beliefs. Lighting the way to clarity, purity and healing and therefore welcome a new awakening in 2024.

This attunement especially helps to shine light on all that is dark and uncertain. Illuminating the way to truth, clarity, direction and purpose and ultimately leading you to an awakening of the Christos and Sophia within.

This is the star that governs the Rose Temple. The Star of Bethlehem / Star of Venus or Star of Ishtar. It aligns to the number 8 and the infinity symbol.

It will reconnect you to your inner sparkle, inner beauty, joy, and starlight.

Learn how to work with this energy to raise your vibration and channel divine healing for yourself and others.


Eloise is a beautiful soul who is an excellent teacher she has extensive knowledge on the Divine Feminine and has the ability of imparting this information in an easy to understand way. She is passionate about what she does, and this shows in her work and courses.

~ Pippa Rose


The course was beautifully constructed, and delivered in such a nurturing and safe way. Eloise’s love and life experience shines through her teachings and I would highly recommend them to anyone drawn to her workshops.
~ Laura wills


Eloise radiates the Rose Light and Divine Feminine with ease and grace. Whether she holds the space in person or via Zoom, the magic begins. I am incredibly honoured to be part of her sisterhood of the Rose and inspired by her light.

~ Wendy Ellaway

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