⚜️ Space Clearing ⚜️

& Home Blessing Course

Our home and workplace should be an oasis of peace or at least a place where we feel ‘at home’ with ourselves, centred, complete, healthy, creative and joyful.

Sometimes when we enter a building we can feel happy and relaxed or we may feel uncomfortable. It is not only the energy of those who are present that we have to consider but of those who have passed through that particular space before.

In this short course, I teach you how to cleans, clear and raise the vibration of your home to create the perfect sanctuary from the outside world.

⚜️ Space Clearing ⚜️

& Home Blessing Course

Walls hold the energy of people who occupied that room in former times. The love and joy or fear, anger and pain become imprinted in the very fabric of the building.

Healers, clairvoyant and clairsentient people or animals have the ability to see, sense or feel these vibrations which can be described as ‘thick’, ‘heavy’ and ‘dim’ energy. Some people may even experience emotions or pain.

The energies in a home can also account for physical sensations: feeling tired, developing headaches or feeling pressure on the head, being over emotional, angry, irritable, depressed and having a lack of motivation.

If you suddenly act out of character, this can be a sign that you and your home needs clearing. Obviously arguments in a home may account for atmosphere and also electromagnetic fields generated by electrical appliances & Wifi.

Sometimes astral entities will intrude on our fields. They can be lost, earthbound or attached to our home or property. These beings are nothing to fear. They are sparks of God, just as we are and most of the time they want to go back home to the ligh

⚜️ Bless your Home ⚜️

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, a cluttered home creates a cluttered mind. it is important to clear and dedicate your space. In this online course I teach you how to cleans, clear and raise the vibration of your home to create the perfect sanctuary from the outside world.

The investment includes Instant access to

⚜️ Membership to course platform.

⚜️Grounding & Protecting Meditation.

⚜️ Meditation & Transmission to the Temple of Gods will.

⚜️ Class videos. 

⚜️ Decree to clear your home of unwanted Energies & Entities.

⚜️ Healing workbook.


I have been trying to find the words to summarise the impact working with Eloise has had on my life.

The enormity, the magnificence, the transformation she has enabled is ever expanding and threads through every area of my world - romance, family, health, career, finances - even selling my home! The energy Eloise works with is pure love. She is clear, pragmatic, powerful and a gift to this world. She has helped me beyond belief and I trust her implicitly.

Sonja Lockyer


What a magical woman!! I couldn't recommend Eloise highly enough after having my first session with her. My mind is still trying to process and download all the information I've just received! Infinitely grateful to be connected to her.

Christopher lodge.


I had a wonderful, life changing session with Eloise. An amazing card reading followed by a channelling of messages from the Guides and Angels surrounding me. Eloise held me in such a gentle, loving and tender space it was quite incredible to feel so seen and understood all at once. Every single word in our session resonated to my core! Eloise is a beautiful channel, clear, raw and powerful. Her light shines bright! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dilara Pataudi