⚜️Brigid’s Healing Empowerment⚜️

Brigid is a triple goddess of the Eternal Flame and Sacred Wells. Lady of the home and hearth, bestowing upon us the gifts of Fertility, Birth, Healing, Inspiration, Music, and Creativity. 

This attunement connects you to Brigid and aligns you to her sacred craft and gifts. We will work with the element of Fire and Water during the Empowerment; it will enhance your creativity and healing abilities. The emanations of this attunement are pure frequencies of love, compassion, and inspiration.


You will learn how to channel Brigid’s energy for healing of self, others, Mother Earth, and all of her kingdoms. We will work with the element of Fire & Water to use in your healing sessions, manifestations, blessings, and protection rituals.

The course also has a section on how to celebrate

Imbolc, including Making Bride Dolls, Bride Cross, and an Imbolc White Wand.

After this class you can work with Brigid's

Empowerment in you healing practice and if you are a teacher, you can pass this attunement on to others.


Being of Celtic origin myself and experiencing this course with Eloise just opened my heart to such a high vibration that since then and for several days afterwards I could feel Brigid’s presence and profound healing and guiding presence. Furthermore, my resonating heart connecting and unified with Eloise’s angelic presence too - I remain deeply touched by this experience.

~ Elizabeth Jordon


To embrace Eloise’s refined, highly developed Brigid’s empowerment within this ceremonial course is something irreplaceable. The sacred fire within Eloise herself, resonates so beautifully on all her courses but in my view none more so profoundly than which is found within this Bridie St Brigid connection.

 ~ Elizabeth Jordon


‘Transformational’ is the word that springs to mind describing this course thank you Eloise for bringing forth this beautiful pathway so that so many of us can still embrace the vibrancy, resilience, healing, and courage of the sacred divine feminine found within St Brigid. Brigid’s Celtic vibration of regrowth and renewal is evoked by Eloise on this course and Brigid’s boundless kindred from darkness into light essence activated. I couldn’t recommend this course more highly.  
~ Elizabeth Jordon 

The investment includes Instant

access to:

⚜️ Membership to the course platform.

⚜️ Manual by Eloise Bennett

⚜️ Distant Divine Orb Chi Ball Attunement /

Transmission via Sound Cloud. 

⚜️ A blessing and an initiation from Bridget.

⚜️ Certificate if requested ~ (After successful

completion of home study and case studies).

⚜️After Receiving the Attunement ⚜️

After receiving the attunement, completing the home study and client case studies to a competent standard you will be a Brigid Practitioner.

If you are already a teacher or Reiki

Master, you will be awarded a Master Teacher certificate and you will

also be able to pass it onto others and attune them.